Our Story

From the Very Beginning

Our Story

Vladislav Smolyanskyy Founder of Pinblock Vlad Smolyanskyy Founder of Pinblock
Vlad Smolyanskyy Founder of Pinblock Vladislav Smolyanskyy Founder of Pinblock




A Note from the founder

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work on my passion, expand my horizons and become a better entrepreneur while helping develop the next generation. Pinblock for me is a chance to inspire many young minds and therefore change the future of our world.

Pinblock has been a great journey but we still have a long road ahead of us. Thank you for your support, contributions, and many happy moments that you chose to share with me and the Pinblock team.

If you would like to personally reach out to me, it would be my pleasure: Vlad@pinblock.com



Vladislav was born in Ukraine but soon immigrated to New York in 2006. Feeling alone in a new country Vlad discovered his passion for learning, especially everything related to business. Read more about his journey into entrepreneurship on his website and social media shown below.

Pinblock Timeline

Pinblock Timeline




First Pinblock Shipment


While hanging out at ShiJun's apartment, the concept of Pinblock was born.

Pinblock is incorporated under the state of New York and plans of realizing the concept of Pinblock are put in action.

First production run is complete and arrives to our warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

A friend connects us with children's Cancer research hospital where we donate the first prototypes of Pinblock as a Christmas gift for the bed bound children.



Kickstarter Card



A Kickstarter campaign is launched to fund a full production run. We reach out to multiple media sources and get our first ever coverage.

Pinblock successfully funds the Kickstarter campaign raising 18k (8k over the funding goal) and full production run is initiated.

We attend one of the biggest trade shows in the toy industry, Toy Fair, which is conveniently located in NYC. There we establish many businesses relationships and get our first coverage by major publications such as Fortune and Forbes.

www.Pinblock.com is launched as we officially introduce Pinblock into the market.

Vat19's Viral Commercial




Gabe joins Pinblock

Vat19, an online seller famous for their viral YouTube videos, partners with Pinblock and produces a hilarious commercial that generated millions of views.

After getting feedback from fans, customers and Pinblock's resellers, we develop and introduce two new product lines: starter packs which offer a better entry price point and single color sets for ultimate creative building.

Pinblock establishes a partnership with Israel's Zippy Inc. Pinblock gains so much popularity in Israel that Zippy opens up an Israeli Pinblock company and launches their own www.Pinblock.is website.




New Marketing Campaigns

May - December

Pinblock attends 2016 international toy fair where we meet the CEO of Moose Toys, Paul Solomon who received toy of the year award for their Shopkins product line. Paul becomes a fan and a friend of Pinblock.

Shijun resigns from Pinblock and Arthur joins the team.

Lots of big events occurred during the above months however they cannot be disclosed until mid December. We apologize for the secrecy however it will be mutually beneficial for all of us.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions